Prototypes and one-offs

Reliable - from the first until to the last piece

As a full-range supplier we do not only support the realization of your project during the planning phase but also at the implementation. We are specialized on complex tasks and large-scale components and we can handle a great amount of materials and working processes. You will profit from our experience that we achieved in other areas, because we operate sector-independently. As a system supplier we offer you to perform the final assembly in combination with third party components additional to the production of the composite components. We make sure that all parts fit together at the end and thereby we save transaction costs. When needed we can also help you with the integration of the built product into your processes.


Ship and yacht building

Individual buildings - sophisticated, light and if requested non-flammable


Medical technology

Products and components for X-rays and magentic resonance


Mechanical Engineering

Industrial quality and reliability also in high temperature range


Vehicle construction

Components for special vehicles and small-scall series


Swimming bath, wellness and spa

Elegant solution for a moist ambience


Other sectors

Trade fair construction, research and other features